• Software Consultancy and Electronic Data Processing works for both Central and State Governments and State and Central Government undertakings are being undertaken by the Centre.
  • Software Development

    Software Consultancy and Electronic Data Processing works for both Central and State Governments and State and Central Government undertakings are being undertaken by the Centre.
  • We undertake confidential examinations (written/objective type/on-line) and seat allotment process for various organisations.

  • • To establish and maintain educational institutions in the field of Technical Education/Computer Technology and also to organize and conduct short term/long term courses to various subjects/disciplines.
  • • To act as a link between Technical Institutions, Universities and other Professional bodies in the State and the Industry (including Public Utility Under-takings , Departments of the Government) to enable the available expertise and facilities in the various Departments , Laboratories and Workshops in terms of men , machines and methods for the growth and development of Industry based on indigenous know-how and competence
  • • To promote Scientific Research by undertaking Research Projects in the field of Engineering/Technical consultancy and to provide consultancy services in Design, Development and Experimentation with respect to industrial problems and projects and undertake turn-key assignments through the facilities and staff of the Colleges, Institutions, Departments, Industrial Establishments, other agencies or of the Centre with capability in specialized fields.
  • • To arrange facilities for fabrication , testing and analysis , using the College or Departmental Laboratories and Workshops
  • • To develop a modern testing Centre and to provide full fledged materials testing facilities as per standards laid down by ISI for various industries and other organizations
  • • To promote Scientific and Technical education by encouraging and conducting scientific investigations and applied industrial research and development
  • • To encourage self-employment and entrepreneurship of young Technologists, Scientists and Engineers and adequate training to them.
  • • To serve as a store house for up-to-date information and as a clearing house for research projects and consultancy service.
  • • To arrange facilities for fundamental research in any Engineering or Scientific field and to institute fellowship for this purpose.
  • • To publish research papers, thesis, books and periodicals and other literature relating to the work of the Centre.
  • • To establish and maintain libraries
  • • To locate expertise and arrange for solution of technical problems of industry, to apply for and hold patents based on the results of investigations and to arrange and negotiate commercial exploitation of patent rights and results
  • • To undertake such other activities as are relevant to fulfill the objectives of the centre.

  • The Centre has a strong management consultancy team to take up consultancy in management. Human Resources Management Consultancy o f various Organizations are being undertaken by the Centre. The potential areas for Management Consultancy are :
  • • Total Quality Management
  • • Project Management
  • • Finance Management
  • • Marketing Management
  • • Human Resources Management
  • • Production Management
  • • Materials Management

  • The Hardware Section of the Centre undertakes maintenance of our own computers, printers and other accessories. The Centre also renders services to outside clients in the servicing of Computers and other equipments. Networking of the different computers in LAN configuration at the Head quarters and Regional Units are also carried out by the Hardware Section.
  • Hardware section conducts course on Hardware maintenance and networking

  • Instrumentation Section of LBS Centre for Science and Technology undertakes repairs and maintenance of different electrical, electronics and mechanical equipments. It also undertakes repair of hospital equipments in Thiruvananthapuram District.

    – Farm Information Bureau
    – Kerala Water Authority
    – Forest Department
    – Kerala Forest Development Corpn.,
    – Technical Education- World Bank Project
    – Ayurveda College, Thiruvananthapuram
    – Vetinery Institute, Palode
    – Dental College, Thiruvananthapuram
    – Industrial Training Institutes
    – College of Engineering, Trivandrum